Lisa Scott - Lead Bookkeeper
Photo Credit: Stephanie Scott

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm the Lead Bookkeeper at Sidekick Bookkeeping. I started Sidekick to help small and medium businesses in need of top-notch assistance with their books and financial statements. Our clients boast squeaky clean books that all accountants love come tax time, and we help make sense of their financial data in order to make informed decisions and increase profitability.

I've been involved with financial services for the last 14 years, ranging from data analytics, budgeting and forecasting, and bookkeeping. Before joining an established bookkeeping practice, I was the senior data analyst for the world’s largest junk removal company. My success in that role was achieved by developing a keen eye for detail and a talent for uncovering trends and opportunities buried in the financial data. In fact, a presentation I gave at the company’s annual conference was a giant hit with franchise partners from all corners of the globe and got them excited about making informed decisions based on data.

Since then, I have been able to leverage that experience to help businesses identify growth and savings opportunities, and provide a deeper level of understanding of business performance.

I am very excited to help your business achieve its full potential - let me know how we can be your Sidekick today!

To your success,